Have some questions about our products or how to use them?

Well we will do our best to answer

What glue can I use on the Cabochons?

E6000, GOOP or any craft glue will work. Never use Gorilla Glue, Crazy Glue, or Super Glue of any kind.


What is the difference between the different  Acrylic Cabachons?

The Silver and the Black are both 3mm thick

The Gold is 1.5mm thick

The Silver has a mirror finish on the back, while the black and gold have a non reflective backing. 

What glue can I use on the earring posts?


Is the Dyed Pellon the same as the Black and White?

Yes it is ultra firm pellon, specially dyed in an array of colors.


How do I cut the banding for my project?

 You can use a small pair of scissors to snip between the links.